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Our Guests

Dinner with Friends

Thank you for creating a fabulous menu.  There was one small piece of chocolate torte left that we hid to share later.  It was so nice just to be able to enjoy my party and guests.

Anne S.

Bridal Shower

Sweet Nettie Catering took care of my niece's bridal shower. WOW!  The presentation and taste of the food was fabulous.  Maureen greeted my guests with warm hospitality. She planned the menu to accommodate some guests with special dietary needs.

Lori O     Ambler, PA

Best seafood salad ever!

Kristin O

Everything was delish!

Janine B.

Taking Care of Friends

I so appreciate your care, concern and generosity. I really do thank you.  Everything you bake is so delicious, it makes it hard for me to share.

Sylvia Z.

Your fabulous gluten-free cake and the extra effort you put into it will be remembered for some time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jo D.

My holidays have been terrific.  Your desserts - chocolate cake and cookies - have been savored very slowly for many days.  They are both delicious!!

I am blown away by your thoughtfulness.  


I ate three donuts.  That really doesn't count as three does it?  I couldn't stop!

Chris B.

Thank you so much for the gift of the delicious coffee cake. I ate the whole thing myself.  Don't judge.

Jean P.

Maureen brought cookies!!

... pretty much everyone in my family...

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